Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wanta Get a New Phone

I am HOME <3

Let me tell you people something. I will not be buying a Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) this year. Knowing that allowance will come only twice a year, I want to take my time to manage my financial first. Perhaps when I am stable already, then only I will plan. Or maybe I will not buy at all~

Other than that, I think I will make this year my final year to involve in cosplay. Life is getting really hectic, full of assignments (and excitement). So.. I will keep my money for future and emergency usages.

I also need to keep money for field trips that will be organized by my college, and also my classmates. Keep them for accommodation and food, and whatever that will be needed =3

In the same time, I have to pay my debt to my mother's friend, who lent me some money to buy a laptop when I entered the college. And to Kelvin as well, who forked out money to pay for my cosplay stuff. Got to pay them~ PAY!

Also, I have to return the current Nokia phone that I am using to Kelvin. He wants it back. So I surveyed on a new phone last night. I am attracted to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini. This is how it looks like:

There is Xperia X10 Mini Pro too, but I dislike it, because it has qwerty keypad. It is not that I dislike qwerty, I think it is pretty cool. But it is not my cuppa tea.

I surveyed this Xperia X10 Mini this morning, and the lowest price that I get is RM599 only. I mean like.. OMG CHEAP. So tempted!!

I cannot wait for my allowance!!!

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