Friday, 28 January 2011

Rushing assignment~

Omg it has been almost a week since I last updated my blog!
I was so busy with my assignment!

I had to work on a journal about personality, attitudes and etc etc. The "best" thing is, everything has to be in Bahasa Malaysia. To someone who speaks in English most of the time, and has to work on an assignment in other language, it is rather....challenging, I guess.

I think I consider this as last minute work. I never knew about the existence about this assignment until the end of last week. I was still blur and like.."oh, I have to do this?" and those sort of things. Then I went to the library with Ting and Yang. Look for a suitable journal article and consulted our lecturer, see if he approves the topic.

Then this week, I began to type. Every afternoon, I went to the library to finish up, because I found out that I could not concentrate in my room. In addition to this, the bed is just next to my study desk. So...y'know? I could just crawl and then lie on it. And there I go, I will be sleeping.

Luckily I have done everything, and even helped my friends to print their assignments out. I submitted my assignment today. Such a great relief!

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