Friday, 21 January 2011

Teluk Batik with Lovelies

I feel that I am the happiest person in the universe today. Let me not tell about today. I want to talk about yesterday.

Yes, yesterday.
It was the Thaipusam celebration yesterday, and everyone had one off day. The day before, my classmates planned to go to the Teluk Batik beach. I was like HOOYEAAHH. I followed Yang's car, and told him to drop me at my house first. So everything comes hand in hand..

So...yesterday = ] on the way to my house

The beach outing is/was really fun!
We played in the water (obviously).. piggyback-ed (due to less density in the water), splashing.. etc Sweet memories revolving around.. Woohoooo~
I was supposed to be piggyback-ed by AG, but she 'gave' me away to Yang..

Phase 1

From left: Kamil, Intan, Wan, Rina, Yang and I, AG, Ting, Wana and Bob

Then we headed for Banana Boat adventure.
This was before going up the boat

Us with the buoyancy aid

On the boat

It was a true madness!
It was really freaky! I screamed all the way! Shouting OMG SAVE ME I DONT WANTA DIE YET MOMMA I LOVE YOU OMG HELP ME SAVE ME

We were so worn out after that.. so we dried ourselves under the shade.. Sweet memories gather around there too..

The water rises in the afternoon... And could not go far from the shore..
This was after we bathed in the evening
Yang and I

That is Ting, Yang and I

Favourite group photo

I am currently having sunburn!

Creditz and gratitude
Kak Long - camera
Intan, McJust - taking those awesome photos
Yang - for being a great driver
Ting - adventurous journey
Wana - teaser ;P
AG - matchmaker, opportunity giver
Intan - preparing lunch for all of us
Vivian - being able to meet mom and brother

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