Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cute stuff

Why, hello there!! 8DDD;;
You know what? (You: No, dont know)
I have an addiction to some cute apparels!!!

I am currently obsessing over ruffled pants! Like OMG when I saw them on the internet!
Look at this..!!
OMG checkered ruffled pants!! The one on the right is the back view of it. But I wish the back is ruffled too.

Look at this!

Next, I am currently laying interest on pochette (especially leather-based)

A lil' plain. AG has one, and I like hers better. When I have the chance, I'll take photos of it

And lacy~
Looks cute~

And oh, one more..! Ruffled tops!

I want to have one too 8(
*I don't have a matching skirt though..*

I want the ruffled pants the most! Minus the scars on my legs, I think I'd look cute in it LOL~

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