Thursday, 13 January 2011

TESL Night is over =(

The TESL Night event had finally passed.
Well it was supposed to be carried out last year, but due to some reasons (which I am also not sure), it was postponed.

The theme was "Fairy Tale And Fable With a Difference". Literally, we needed to twist the storyline and y'know...using creativity, modify our skit. For my class, we worked on "Oh, My Prince!" with AG as the director. It was a story consisting of Alice (The Adventure of Alice in Wonderland), Red (The Red Little Ridinghood), Witch (..any witch from any disney story), Cinderella (Cinderella), Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Puteri Gunung Ledang (Puteri Gunung Ledang), Tinkerbell, Wendy and Peter Pan (The Peter Pan), Guard (any guard of any castle in any story), and finally, Prince Charming.

Like.. OMG. I know right...?

I was the Cinderalla. I really enjoyed myself. And I am sure all of my classmates did! We won the 3rd place! It was indeed our first victory. I was, and still am, really really happy, such that I could not speak a word when the winners were announced.

I think this will be one of my sweetest memory while being in the IPIP =)
I love all of you <3

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