Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Long idle, and.... One more month 'till the New Year of 2011 =D

I have one more new teeth growing at the back of my mouth! QAQ is like less than 2 months since my last teeth grow!
Even my mom asked me how come I have so many tooth growing out!

By the way, I will be away until next Thursday. I will be going off to play xD
Right, before I proceed, I would like to announce (LOL ANNOUNCE) that I had stopped working in the goldsmith shop.

One of the colleagues, Kin, thought that I resigned because I cannot tolerate with the boss's wife. On the day before I resigned, she saw me speaking to the boss, asking about salary, and I bet she reckoned that I consulted him and said that I can no longer withstand his wife. Then she came to me and asked if I don't plan to work anymore.

The next day; the last day working, all the other colleagues came telling me how much they hate the boss's wife too. Then another one, Ling, asked me the reason why I resigned. So I said, I will be busy in December.

The misunderstanding was funny too actually. And then Kin said she was relieved at first, because someone finally voiced out to the boss. Hahaha, I wish I had the guts too, even though I was once quite rebellious xDD

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