Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preparing for MUET

I have been working on my MUET Listening assessment. I think that I am still weak in it. And the best news is, MUET Listening test is exactly next week.

What I have done so far in improving myself:
1. Spending less time on Facebook
2. Setting "busy" status at MSN to prevent chatting
3. Reading newspaper online everyday <-------------- I MANAGE TO MAKE READING AS MY HOBBY NOW
4. Stop listening to Japanese songs
5. Trying to speak in English all the time, with Britain accent
6. Studying Language Description

What I want to do before final exam:
1. Making a study timetable <------- I have made my own MUET listening timetable
2. Restrict myself from logging in to Facebook

What I want to do after final exam:
1. Going to ERiCAN to observe how people teach English; or Teach English in ERiCAN (as said by Mr Lim and encouraged by Mr Suhaimi)

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