Friday, 22 October 2010

Moments like Diamonds: Big 1 year Blog-aversary GIVEAWAY!

Hello~~ ^^
Can you believe it? Exams will start in like 10 days!!!
I doubt if I am prepared. But I want to have more time to revise!!
I am revising Macbeth at the moment.
I got too tired reading and took a break. I went reading Naruto latest chapter and lurked around at Facebook : D

Then I decided to update my blog.. since I am waiting for my dinner *oTL hungry*
I saw the update of one of the bloggers I follow, and her blog had just recently turn 1 year! She is giving away some item *kufufu*
I posted the link at Facebook and at my Twitter too.
I wanna take this opportunity to show to everyone here as well~

Sadly, I might stop blogging for 3 weeks until my exams are over DX
But I will come and update whenever I am free =)
*orz I might come updating next Saturday for my birthday*

So fare ye well =)

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