Thursday, 14 October 2010

After MUET~

I just came back from MUET this morning. Y'know what?
It was very awesome and fun!

The topic was on what kind of teacher deserves to be given the Special Teacher Award. I was the Candidate A, with the task teacher who contributes to good academic results. The other candidates were given the most caring teacher, the most creative teacher and the teacher who serves the longest.

As the Candidate A - the first speaker, I was on the disadvantage because I have very limited time to prepare my text or points. Compared to the last speaker, (s)he has a lot of time to write and jot down his/her points.
I was so nervous and I was shivering >___< But it went very well. Whereas during the group discussion, it was great. In fact, all of my team members got no enough time.

Now that it is over, I feel kind of relieved. 

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