Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MUET is coming!!

I will be sitting for my Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Speaking test tomorrow.

For the first time ever, I feel really fearful, scare and serious in an exam. All the while, I used to play a lot and refuse to study. I guess this is the sign of growing mature.
I actually cannot believe that I cried out of my fear, and feel so tension. In fact, I am having the tendency of eating a whole bunch of food now. I can feel the heavy burden on my shoulders now.

I posted useful tips for MUET since last week, and hope that they will be useful for all of us; at least I think they help a lot. Nevertheless, my brother also shared some tips with me (he obtained Band 5). Mom also texted me a message this afternoon and wished me. She seems to be putting high hope on me. And definitely, (as a future English teacher) I do not want to disappoint her. Neither do I want to disappoint myself.

Well uh... I just..feel so scared! Although I may appear smiling, but deep inside, I am trembling and shaking. I can even hear my heart beats. I am so scare if I caught flu tomorrow and I could not exaggerate my words.

My preventive measures are:
-cover myself with my blanket all the time to keep me warm
-wake up early and eat something
-drink my essence of chicken
-talk a lot to warm up my voice

I hope I can understand my topic and task tomorrow. If I fail to understand my topic, I fail to do everything. And if I am not satisfied with my result.. I think I want to re-sit next year. I aim for a Band 5.
No way of getting Band 4 and lower. If I manage to get Band 6 (which I think is impossible), I don't know... = /

I think I want to stop now. Be sure to follow my posts to know what happens next.
*Gosh.. my knees are shivering!!!*

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