Saturday, 11 September 2010

Weekend update

*waves* >w<
Hello~!! Out of 5 coursework, I had completed 3 on the first 3 days!!
The 4th one..uh....... I am stuck with the 4th one until today =( *very sad*
I am supposed to identify 3 idiomatic expressions in a text. And I just can't find any even I read through again and again 'n'

I moved on with the 5th and the last one. Half way through =3 I am supposed to interview a teacher regarding a school social issue. I decided to write about Vandalism. I wanted to interview my closest teacher, but she told me to find discipline teacher since it'd be easier for me. So she gave me my school office phone number.

Now my stupid problem is, I refuse to phone the school -.-
I friggin' don't wanna phone my school. rawr.

Mom told me to phone so that I can finish up courseworks asap. But I don't want =___=
Vincent told me to find his discipline teacher. My advantage here is, I know his discipline teacher too. So it'll most probably be easy for me too. But... I don't know if his school has vandalism problem.. =/

Here's my favourite part that I want to share about;
I am now active again in devianART! ^^
I had uploaded all the Konoha Gakuen photoshoot photos ^^
But I'd still consider myself a newbie ><
Anyway, this is my account link:

Watch me, and I will watch you back ;)

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