Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Roomie~

Mom and Vincent brought me to a PC shop to buy a new laptop for me. Eventually, the shop will only order for customer, no ready-stock (except for small items like pendrive, mouse, etc). Vincent got a Dell for me and it will only arrive few days later.

On 2nd August, it was a third intake registration day, but I never knew. Surprisingly, I got a junior room mate. Hmm.. I frankly do not need a room mate ^^;; because I am used to sleeping alone already, accompanied by dolls and teddy. But I do not mind her existance in my room..

She's from Taiping. One hour away from campus. She's in my height and majors in Chinese subject. She is a fine young lady, and she has the looks of a teacher. (At least I think she is better than me).

Everyone had replacement class on Saturday, replacing Deepavali event in November. I finished my class at 11.30am. I got really bored because I had finished reading the novel I borrowed from library (on Tuesday) and a novel I brought from home (on Thursday). I spent my Friday night drawing, scribbling, doodling around...Same thing happened after my class on Saturday.

I was thinking whether the laptop has arrived. Wondering if Mom will come tomorrow. Long life everyone, Mom arrived shortly. She came with my brand new laptop and other accessories. Mom then brought me out for dinner and to withdraw some money. My uncle passed me a cell phone too. It was not in use anymore. So I gladly accept it. Vincent tagged along as well =)

I am now using a Dell Vostro 3400 laptop in silver. I miss my old Compaq =/ And I miss my cell phones too xD

I am grateful to have these things with me. Or else, I might die of boredom? xD

Cheers, everyone~! Thank you for all the concerns!
= ]

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