Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lost Belonging =(

Sorry for the long idle : O

I lost my laptop, 2 of my cell phones as well as my pendrives along with my laptop bagpack (which had a calculator, stationeries, and lecture notes). My belongings were stolen two Mondays ago, which was 26th July 2010, in my college itself, when I left them to buy some food during recess time. My belongings, and my close friend's laptop were gone, as we put 'em together.

Perhaps this happened due to my carelessness. I usually put my stuffs on the table or chair and walk away to buy foods, since everyond did the same too. And maybe because we came late; thus put our stuffs pretty far from other people, it became a somewhat strategic place to be stolen? We left our stuffs and went to buy our foods then. After 5 minutes, I noticed that my laptop bag is gone.

I thought my friend who was ahead of me took it and put it aside, thinking that she wanted to sit right beside me. But when I looked into her hands, there were nothing. And I questioned "Eh... Where's my bag?" She kind of noticed that something was missing too at first, but when I voiced out, she gone curious too. Becoming panic, she asked people who sat near where we put our belongings. An Indian girl responded and stunted a bit, she said it might had been stolen.

She claimed that she saw someone suspicious stood near our belongings. She thought that he was waiting for someone she so did not bother. And was gone. So my friend and I reported to the college office. So many things happened then. I did not attend any classes after that.

I was strong on that day, thinking positive that I could still survive without any entertainment *HAHAHAHA* but on the second day, I ended up crying in my room at night after class. My friend said something that moved me after passing me her cell phone. As I talked to my beloved, I cried, and I tried to hide it. But I wondered if he knew I was actually crying. The main idea of borrowing my friend's cell phone was to talk to my mom informing what happened on the second day. But I never phone her.. I do not want her to hear my crying voice. *Eheheheh....the only daughter..a bit ego xP *

On the third day (28th July), I figured out to do something that can let the time pass fastly. So I went to the library in the afternoon and borrowed a novel. And judging from this boredom, I went to bed as early as 10.30pm. The good thing is, I managed to have "extra" time to let myself dream of something. And I went on dreaming for several days.

I went back to my hometown on Friday after class. All I need was my family's support..

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