Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It seems like I neglected my blog DX ooops

My camwhore last Monday

And me wearing the Ace Black lens

This was taken last Thursday, during the so called Independence Day pre-celebration
=w= V

I came across a new doll website~ Among all, this is the one I like the most

So cute <>


* w *

Look!!! ^^

I calculated, and it will cost me about RM1.1k, excluding the shipping..
I like this because it is rare to me. This is the first doll which I see smiling so happily.
All of the dolls I see are usually not smiling or smiling slightly only. But this one is like so..happy. And I like it very much.

During the Asaban fest, I had my Naruto Shippu photoshoot.
This is the review:
ps: I am not seen, but spot me with the fairest skin 8) *hint: the one which legs can be seen xDD*

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