Thursday, 12 August 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird

Hello <3
I was thinking, my blog is so dull..due to the absence of my missing camera phone. No images, nothing interesting, dull. So I figured out to do something with this last night. Then, nowI decided to share about the novel I mentioned in the previous post - To Kill a Mockingbird.

My favourite film was the first debut of the novel, which the famous actor back in 1960s acted in. Gregory Peck, as Atticus Finch, father of the narrator. And Mary Badham as Jean Louise Finch, known as Scout in the novel. Here is a picture of them in the first chapter:
From left: Gregory Peck (Atticus), Mary Badham (Scout)

Scout has pretty long nose, aite? 8)
Here is another one:
She's cute xD

And this was in chapter 2, before she took off to school

Scout has a brother named Jeremy Atticus Finch, known as Jem in the novel. He has good look too 8D
I like the picture >D

Another Finch siblings picture:

They have a friend from another county who comes to their town, Maycomb. His name is Charles Baker Harris, people call him Dill
Hahahaha, he is funny too! *look at his rabbit teeth* Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

And there's one actress who debut this movie as her first step. My friends said I look like her! But I never believe them. Until I watched the movie, I changed my mind, slightly. Here she is, Collin Wilcox Paxton as Mayella Violet Ewell.

This is her model picture

I posted this at my Facebook wall last night, and my friends started to Like the picture and commented! My far-away friend who does not know her (and the movie as well, I reckon) said I look like her from far. And my reaction was...



Hahaha..., well I don't know.. And yea, people call me Mayella instead of Vivian.. *sigh*
Well I hope this weekend will be a great one. I had just completed the first assignment. On the coming Monday (or Sunday night), I will begin my second assignment.'s getting hectic.

Nevertheless, hope everything goes smoothly. Good luck~!!

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