Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kitty and Class

I have almost forgotten this day. Today is my brother's birthday. Haha, happy birthday *is not wishing him via anything tho'..* >__<


I took this outside my college in the evening.

Remember the little kitten I talked about? Look at him~

He ish nice to pinchie xD
That's not me btw, it was Anis.

It is also very GAR

Apart from these, I also want to post something about my favouritism. Guess what it is?
Eet iz choco-latte *lol at my grammar because it was on purpose*

I ate the small packet yesterday.

Pretty small

And last night, I had gray spirulina
It does not taste good DX I dislike its taste

While this morning, I had hockey sports as one of my class's fixed activity.
I took this while everyone was on the way to the hockey field

I wanted to put a love-shaped frame, but there is no nice one. So I decided to just put the normal one.

I feel so tired!

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