Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This morning when I had GERKO, we got our chance to have hockey match - only 3 rounds. But I managed to score the first 2 goals for my team =D Suppose 3rd goal can be mine, but I passed the ball over to my team mate. Sad to say, one of my team mates hit the opposing goal keeper's finger *ouch*

Few of my friends and I went to Giant hypermarket to bank in some money for lens ordering. After that, we headed to the library for class, but no lecturer was around because he was busy with the second intake orientation.

We camwhored in the library xDD
Oh by the way, this was taken few days ago =)
I like it and I make it my Facebook profile picture

These were taken today =)
Tyna and Ema

Jannah, hard-die-fan of Super Junior

That's Alia, at the back..and me, on the right =p

yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri yuri 8DD

Me =D

I bought Ema Cadburry Almond Chocolate for her belated birthday..*look at calendar* her birthday is 2 weeks ago xDDD

Yay for Chocolates~~

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