Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I met 4 kittens!!!
I met the first kitten when I was on my way back to my room after Speaker's Corner session in the morning! It is so adorable and it followed me back to my hostel, but I did not lead it to my room. Garbage bin distracted it xD

So cute! >A<

In the noon, I went out to Giant Hypermarket with some of my classmates. I met another one at the hut opposite bus garage. It seems to have been tamed and it never behave badly like wild kittens.
When I left it, it wants to follow me. But I put my head up and walked on. I do not want a kitten to follow me go out and I do not think it will travel far.

After I returned, at the same hut, there were 2 kittens! Not the same as the previous one..
They were so hungry! When I stopped to look, they ran to me and mewing all the way, and tried to climb on me @@ And when I squat down to pat, one of them even tried to get on to my laps! So pitiful D= Luckily Anis had some left over burger from Marry Brown, and she fed them = ]

I spent RM 11.10 in Giant, buying chocolates!
Meh...allowance was banked in today, so I heard that some are going out to do some shopping. And one thing that made me start to count my blessing is, my wish to have class in the morning instead of afternoon/evening is granted.
Thank you for granting my wish, dear God. And I count this blessing..
Hope I enjoy this weekend as well~


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