Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sumo Rice and Mission

The semester break now has reach 3rd day. What have I done so far?

1. Prepare lunch for myself~

I used Japanese type of rice, which is also known as Japonica rice. It is not the same with America ones, as it is rounder compared to America.

I used Sumo rice, recommended by Ryuu-kun =3

2. Make dinner for everyone =D
too bad, I forgot to take any pictures *cries*
I made chicken salad~ <3 Vince did not eat because he was so busy playing Counter Strike.
Mom said that it tastes like ordinary chicken salad.. Haha, I am not not disappointed or anything~ In fact, this is my first time~
I only had parts of chicken, mayonaise and pepper as the ingredients. Nothing more than that. I will try to make better one next time~~

Achievement: 2/5
Mission: Try to prepare at least 5 meals during the 3 weeks of semester break <3

Hey~ I had my haircut this morning~
I feel that it is so short ; ____ ;


*sobs* Hope my hair grows long as fast as possible.
I wanted to try Hime cut.. I wonder if I will look good in it.. = /
I will try it next time =3 *prays that hair will grow long as soon as it can*

Other than hoping that I can cook at least 5 meals during this semester break, I also have other missions....

-to be continued-

: D

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