Sunday, 6 June 2010

Semester 2 Pre-semester break

O hai~ Sorry for the late update...I was..uh....lazy : D
Gonna brief things out~
It is already semester break~ Going to enter semester 3 soon~

I realized how long my hair had grown D: look~
Ickkk..... D<

I received a year planner from Vince...which I make it a sketch book...haha!

Although it was the final week in this semester, but we are not allowed to go back. Nevertheless, college director had planned activities for us. The most interesting one was the "Rekacipta" activity.

We had to make something out of recyclable items. So my class decided to do..uh....."i-dont-know-how-to-say" thingy. So we brought unneeded items. There were cans, food tins, plastic bottles, newspapers, box cardboard, aluminium foil, and even slipper!

This was before we started to do things out

I helped to cut out newspaper advertisements.. Look at what others had done~

We were trying to make "humans"..or whatever we call them that ends with "..oid"
Power Ranger lol xDD

Hai~ saya ah moi cantik~

The unknown faces

So this is our end product

by J8

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