Tuesday, 29 June 2010


O hai there.
Today is the second day of Semester 3. For now, I do not think I will have a room mate.
I cleaned my room pwettily and neatly that on Sunday, and took photos today.
Vivian welcomes whoever comes

oTL study desk a bit messy...haha

I also created a photo album at Facebook, concerning Semester 3. All 3 pictures were uploaded. Y'know what? Aiko and Najwa came commenting the first picca. Najwa said my hostel room is smaller than hers..but at least it's tidy. Hmm...at first, of course it will be clean and tidy. Wait until 1 month later xD You will see disaster. While Aiko wondered how I survive in such a small room..

And today, we had our nomination of class committee. I was nominated in the list. And I immediately booked Secretary..LOL..hahahaha. And there, I am now the secretary. Haha. God damn it. But still... HAHAHAHA. *laughing at myself* Thought of an incident this morning..
What happened was, a lecturer was giving us advise.. Talking about this and that, till suddenly she said.."Okay, secretary. Jot down whatever I have said *look at me*". I was like ".....what? Why are you looking at me...? *look at whiteboard to see who is class secretary* Oh I am the secretary....". Seriously, LOL at myself.

Hmm...apart from this, I guess I shall be glad for not needing to cramp in a room with another 2 person. Another unreasonable thing that happened is, we no longer study in the morning. We are having classes in the afternoon and also night time. Well, this is the link, click here to view. Classes at night until 10 pm. What? Having a one hour break and then study for 2 hours and then what again?? Worst thing is, Friday classes will finish at 6pm. My reaction is "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

At least combining classes with other units is still okay, but..classes at night until 10pm? Another ridiculous thing. Can't help but to troll over this. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway... I have been downloading lotsa OSTs since yesterday. *feel accomplished*. And staying up at night reading manga and watch Anime...HAHAHAHA. YAAAAYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~ 8D This is the life I want. Not attending lectures until 10pm and the likes of it. Those are torture =w=

So yay~~~~
Have a nice day, everyone~

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