Sunday, 27 June 2010

Going to sem3

Hello there~!!
I am back to Ipoh already, as I will be starting my 3rd semester tomorrow.

Last night, I heard that we, the trainees might need to squeeze ourselves in our rooms because we are lacking of rooms for new trainees. Initially we live with 2 people in each room, but now we may sleep 3 in a room!

In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Why and what is my point for my stand? Well, very simple.
Our rooms are nicely designed for 2. 2 beds, 2 cupboards, 2 study desk, etc.. And if you are to add another item for each necessary, where are you going to put? In the center of the room?

Then how are we going to walk? There will be no place at all. Sorry but I can't help being sarcastic. If the Admin Boards have money to buy lots of air conditioners, then might as well you keep the money to build another hostel block. Yes, it may take time. But for the sake of the satisfaction of trainees, will this worth?

I can imagine someone complaining this matter over the radio like the allowance case happened in February. It was actually embarassing..and the Admin himself admitted in front of everyone, saying that he did that on purpose.

Now I wonder what kind of room mate will I get. Hopefully one only. One good and obedient girl. Hope she doesn't steal. LOL...haha because my cupboard is full. No space for me to put my junks and foods, such that I need to place them maybe under my study desk or chair. Formerly, I placed them on the empty bed.

So yeah.... Hmm...3rd sem huh... It's going to be tough. But I am very sure there will be funny moments like this..


*wonder if it is actually funny =w= *

Work hard, everyone~!!


Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

walk on the wall like cicakman or spiderman.

WeN said...

1st 1 is funny yet cute...
2nd 1 is...COMELNYA !!!!!

vivian said...

tyng>> hahahaha xDDD wish i could~~