Thursday, 24 June 2010

Semester break stuff

It is Thursday!! Oh well.. I have not been blogging for more than a week I noticed =P
I actually went working part time xP At first, I thought allowance would be banked in late, just like what happened in Semester 2. So yeah... I worked at the goldsmith shop that I used to work after SPM. This time around, I worked for 10days; starting from 14th June to 23rd June 2010. I earned RM 285.

The shop has been equipted with "bars"...whatever the correct word choice is.. =w= There, it actually look nice when it is reflected over and over again especially with the lights and all

And of course, I did camwhore =P
*LOL it is impossible to hear if I didn't/never camwhore*

Oh ya...during the first and second day of working, I got spared a cup of Milo-Dark Chocolate Pearl Milk Tea~ xP

And again..
Yea, that is me.. xDDD

Within the days I worked, I sticked my kuroi neko phone sticker on the back of my flip phone

NOTE: The sticker had been left untouched for years. I got it since lower secondary.

My pregnant friend gave birth 22nd June at night. She stopped working on Monday even though she was supposed to stop on Tuesday. Well, precaution step xP
Apparently she already had aches in her tummy for the past few days but no sign of wanting to deliver. On Sunday night, the doctor advised her to stop working, I supposed. Then on Tuesday morning, she was sent to hospital. From what I know, doctor told her that she had this uh..opening of 3cm. But 'til evening, the opening got wider by only 1cm.

*If you are to deliver, the opening should be about at least 8-9cm*

Then at night, I guess she could not hold it any longer so she chose operation.
And gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

And more camwhore?

I camwhored at night too.. xDD with my white plano lens

What happened on the night I stopped working? *aka last night; 23rd June*
I are be a bunnies of jyuuu
I nomz yor shoulderssss

Today, I went for a facial treatment. Yohohohohohohoho Yohoho Hohoho : O

After the treatment

Haha, of course I will still be camwhoring
O hai~ Genki?

Jaa, minna-san~ Have a great day yo~!

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