Friday, May 7, 2010

Class Activites

A cat in a basket =w=

So this a novel : D

Mango Season

Class camwhore

In the afternoon, J unit Tesl-ians had jungle trekking...but I didnt follow.
Some camwhore

After that, we had a Masak Masak session >3
Some twigs

and some bricks

Setting up

2 teams : D

We hath fire : D

We have smoke too : D

Miku? eww....taknak =A=

One team made cekodok aka cucur xD we cooked cucur manis~

Went busy capturing photo for another team

Boiling water

And return to another team

It ish so nice <3

Cekodok models xD

Final picca..

Click to enlarge!!!

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