Sunday, May 23, 2010

BJD again

Olla, blog-chan~
How was your weekend? *smack self*
Meh.... My weekend was boring...
And... I went lurking at CF Marketplace...
Search for BJD links....
I saw the one I used to like... but think again, it is not my choice anymore..
I looked for one which face represents "Alive"
Alive - that's what Vivian means in Latin~
I aimed for a male BJD,
because I remembered what Gukichan told me.
She chose a male too so that....
she wont feel the intention or urge to buy new clothes and dress female BJDs up.
True....female ones need to change quite often :P

So.... I found 5.
Consisted of Cute, Cool and Cute+Cool.
I closed tabs which the faces of dolls are not in my favour.
Left with 2.
I asked DearDear to give opinion....
We have the same thinking : D
That is.... this one:

From the web, his name is Nia.
*lol Nia Teppelin*
His concept is "happy childhood".

Isn't he cute?

Hekhekhek >D

I am using this as my Facebook profile picture now

His price is RM 2214 with default makeup..
Custom makeup is RM 2300
Without makeup will be RM 2002

Anyway, here is the link;

And yea....
RM 2214, with his head, R-Line body, his box + 2 blankets, and a pair of random acrylic eyes. and makeup.
No wig, clothes, shoes, accessories. Nothing. They are gonna be sold separately.

Do not be shocked.
BJDs are expensive... 8)

This BJD is 1/4 scale.
Which is equivalent to 63cm including his head.
You can read more about his details at the bottom of the link provided.

......18mm eyes 8)
I love dolls~


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vivian said...

thank you, nana~~~~~ >w<

Nightclow (Niko) said...

good luck in getting him...
make sure ur health is not affected k.. take care