Saturday, 22 May 2010


Finally I am free to update my blog Dx
I was so busy with my courseworks D<

Yesterday, my team members (3 females and 1 male) carried out Social Studies coursework. It was in a form of forum. Well...ya, of course there was conflict = / We did on "Air Pollution". I was the chairperson..the rests were panelists. I have only 1 picture captured when we were performing. Credit to Tyna

Another coursework was English Studies coursework..on Reflection of our "Macbeth" play. Madam Roslin said that we got the lowest mark. We were shocked of course. She said other class performed very well. We scored low marks due to poor voice projection and some forgotten their lines. And they performed double characters...and one class inserted humour.
I argued..
"Just because they have double characters and they are humourous?"
Costume wise I think that J8 is the best.
Of course it is unfair.
My team only has 4 people and to think of having double characters, I doubt we have time to change costumes...

Meh.... ==

Throughout this whole week, I picked up new MANGA
............okay. I had watched the drama, but I never knew the manga existed.
it is....
It is based on real life story, told by the main female character herself.

But the manga is not complete yet D=
Um...I mean it IS completed in Japanese language, but has not been translated into English.

This is the guy that acted as Sakurai Hiroki, the main male character in the drama
His name is Seto Koji


My first love is still Hongo Kanata * w *
This is him, staring in Prince of Tennis Live Action...adopted from Prince of Tennis anime
There, one in the middle with white cap *w*

*jump into bath tub*
Kana-chyan: *gasp*

ps: fangirls are scary 8)

and yeah....a friend of mine which I met in Animangaki last year helped me to edit my picca =D

Nice nice~ =D
Thank you, Reney!

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