Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Macbeth Staging PPISMP TESL Sem 2 Year 2010

Look at the last minute preparation last night!
That's Izz....my team's Macbeth

The girls with branching branch xD

Trying out effect of rotten skin. Erma to be the model

So how is it? Looks real huh?


From far

Izz's makeup

And my camwhore

So.... today........hmm...
it was a tiring yet satisfying day. Because we performed our Macbeth play =3
Makeup in the morning

Myself and McJust, as second witch (different team)

A photo of my witches before going to hall to perform

Many people freaked out with my team's makeups and effects.
And quite a number of people took photos with us.
Somehow feel like cosplaying xD
Or I am cosplaying in fact xD cosplaying second witch from Macbeth xDD

My team's play was moderately okay. A senior told us that our team is the best among all *although we made mistakes but no one noticed them*
So oh yay, my day *lol*

Anyway...it's really a tiring day...
After removing makeups, went to bath and washed clothes.
Then played Pokemon.
And took nap at 4pm..I think.....
I woke up again at 7pm.
Wondering if I should take my dinner or not
Because I am not hungry.

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