Friday, 9 April 2010


This week was a very depress week. So nay...not gonna talk about it. I kind of okay now. But NOT fully okay.

An accident on Monday afternoon.

The kitten I posted at this blog last Thursday is now dead.
Been rolled over by a vehicle, I presume. +sad+

Open burning.
Government only knows how to point at the Indonesian companies for the haze, and never think that honesty is a virtue. How shameful it is to know that our government only did very little precious deed towards environmental protection.
Fking smoky that day. Damn cilaka xia...brainless people.

Mr Lim sang. I did not know he can play guitar. +claps+

Overall, still I will say that this is a very depress week. Mmm...signs of low emotional intelligence, huh? You think I am wrong and you are right? Fine, if you are happy with it, just do it. Who do you think I am? You are just a piece of trash beside rubbish dump. Nothing less than that. Kthxbai.

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