Saturday, 24 April 2010

Food Miniature~

I did not follow class's outing to Madam Azizah's apartment = /
So yeah.... sulk in my room all alone...with boredom all day long....
Anyway, let me introduce my model today. But before that, I want to share my photos with you..

My Re-Ment Food Figurines. I bought them last week. I opened them only today. Due to I promised myself to open them only when I receive my doll... So yea..
They are still in plastics

Here she is~ My model *lol*

*open food figurines* I opened the cake figurines first
Look at the plates! They are so small!

And here it is...the cake set
close ups

Next, the uh....*insert words here* set
3 onigiris * O *

close ups

Serving the food
....serve or eat?

Orange juice~ >w<

This is not serving xD

Now this is serving xD
Serving cake <3

Nomnom onigiri
So cute >.<

* ____ *

I expect her dresses to reach on Tuesday or Wednesday =3
Well I dont hope they got delayed =A=

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