Friday, April 23, 2010

Byul Maya~

This morning, I was still very worry about my parcel, which was supposed to reach on Tuesday or Wednesday. I got no luck yesterday. So yea...I saw my name on the "SURAT SURAT BERDAFTAR" list. Then I went to the reception counter and handed over my matrix card to Mr Deva, our good receptionist. name on it...
Gee.............salah eja...

Mr Deva searching for my parcel

There it is..

After claiming it...I went back to room...
*excited to open it* >.<

First attempt O______O *take off that paper thingy*

I took the tapes off with my helpful scissors because I have no blade.
*Open the box*
*remove the newspapers* is in an orange plastic bag

*take item out from the plastic bag*

Yea..... This is my doll.
My very first doll
*open the doll box* An instruction paper!

I had difficulty taking it out from the box.
Then I tried to take it out from bottom.
And I succeed.
Here it is.

My first doll:
Byul Maya night time camwhore

Right now
I wish I had a DSLR...
So that I can get good shots of her

*feel accomplished*
My next victim:
Byul Paulia
Price: RM 380
Deposit: RM 50
Release in June

Inoocent World doll
Dal Clair
Price: RM 450
Deposit: RM 100

* w *

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