Thursday, 1 April 2010

Doll Stuff

Why, hello thar..
Have been liking this doll for like one week
Byul Maya from ELUTS
Costs shipping to me will be RM500.

What do I plan to do when I have her?
I want to turn her into Hyuuga Hinata OwO *lol?*
I decided to buy these when I purchase this Byul Maya
There is no dark blue wig, so I guess I will get a black wig
I will alter the back so that it will be at suitable length and look like a Hinata wig
Plus, I will get her white eyes
When this is worn, there will be no black areas in it. The picture is so because of the black background.
*imagines Byakugan*

Then, I would like to buy short wig for her too <3
I think she will look cute if she wears it * w *

Other than that, I want to buy this too <3
I am sure she will look adorable xD

I want to buy these lens too =3
Double coloured orchid-deep sky blue
Double coloured dark green-purple
*wonder if it looks nice on Byul Maya*

WeN decided to rename this product as Baby Rin =3
We will then have Baby Len and Baby Rin

The ironic component here is...
Byul Maya was sold out three days ago.
So dont dream of this anymore =w=
No, this is not a joke

So I went lurking in despair looking for dools
And this caught my attention
This is a DDyung Rabbit
OMG so cute >.<
*want to touch the nose*
The price is roughly RM160 including shipping

Today I continued lurking and found this
Not bad looking~
This is a Ball Jointed Doll (BJD).
This doll is uh...jointed. Unlike Byul and DDyung.

Byul falls under Pullip category.
Uh...let me give some examples on this
This is a Pullip (female)

This is a Taeyang (kind of like a male pullip)

While Byul, and Dal are like Maya, another example of a Byul and Dal

This is an example of Little Dal.
There is also Little Pullip

There's this one type known as Blythe. And this is how it looks like

From my own understanding,
(I am not very sure either. Do correct me if I am wrong)
Pullip and Taeyang are like adults. Taeyang is taller than a Pullip
Byul and Dal are like children and they are few centimeter shorter than Pullip and Taeyang
Byul and Dal have the same height but I cannot really differentiate them. I think they are about 15cm-20cm
Whereas a Little is very tiny. Size of a palm only =D I THINK is half of Byul and Dal
..Blythe is a Blythe xD

*told by Najwa*

Other than differentiating them by height, from my own observation, Pullip/Taeyang has sharp face. Byul/Dal has chubby face. little. Little Dal has chubby face and Little Pullip has sharp face. Last but not least, a Blythe has "shiny" skin.

Oh, BJDs have different heights too. I'll explain next time xD

Prices of the dolls....are high. Chips or string to join the parts of dolls, eyes, wigs, clothes and shoes, are high too. But at reasonable price. Of course, you can sew clothes for your dolls too =3

I just wish someone buy me dolls xD I want to have BJDs especially xD
My, oh my...BJDs are expensive. Even smallest one also need 1k.
I want dolls~

ps: I am not a psycho. I dont find dolls scary in anyway =P In my opinion, they are beautiful and pretty <3
I love them all~
Oh ya...
I love teddy bears too xD


Nana said...

hahah!! good thing you did study!!
pullip is cute desho..? ^^

vivian said...

kawaii desu >w< <3