Thursday, 15 April 2010

Outing with Anis

Camwhore today : D

Today is a lucky day. No Society meeting in the afternoon. Then Anis called me out to Ipoh Parade. I was so excited >///<
Her pictures in one of the shops we went in to

And mine xD

After dinner, we continued wandering, and then stopped by at Century BookStore. I bought Re-Ment figurines @A@

Japanese dishes

Then we went wandering at clothes shops<3
Dear, when will you buy couple tee for me?

Some camwhores again

Anis and I went out quite early and we came back at 10.15pm.
After I had my bath and washed my clothes, I opened my figurines OwO

Sushi set~ Got 3 onigiris >w<

Cake set~ so cute >w<


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