Monday, April 12, 2010


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Hey yo~
I will be having my final round of Public Speaking tomorrow afternoon. I am very nervous now ><
And browse through some pages o'er the internet and found something to help me to cope with the fear. I mean..some tips >.<

1.Arrive at your speaking event early.
- okay, I will, and I have to :3

2. Wear a Name Tag – It’s important!
-......I have never taken my name tag out from the plastic before @A@

3. Meet and greet the people who came to see and hear your talk.
-...o okkai.......

4. If they’re wearing a name tag, call them by name. Ask their name if they are not wearing one.
- OwO I will keep that in mind

5. Thank them for coming and ask what they hope to get out of the event.
- This will be during the introduction nee

6. During your speech, make eye contact with these new ‘friends’.
- I hope I will be looking at them .____. hohoho~

7. Specifically look at them when addressing an issue they told you about
- 'got it.. *wink*


"......However, the pro’s stand at the door and greet the audience. They shake peoples hands, smile, and make small talk.

Why? They know how powerful this for reducing public speaking fear, anxiety, and nervousness. Even helps those who have speaking phobia."

"If I don’t have a chance to greet people at the door, I’ll go out into the audience, chat, and say “Hello”. Sometimes, I’ll just stand near the front and crack jokes with the people on the front row. Maybe you are just speaking to 10 co-workers. Make small talk beforehand with the people around you.

This technique is very powerful for calming your nerves and connecting with the audience. Here are 7 reasons why this is a powerful speaking tip:"
- oooooo....okay with me too D8


Wish me and pray for me @A@
I wanna be in top 5 at least
I am not greedy >.<
Only top 5
Out of 15 finalists >.< *lol..greedy xia actually*
Hope others cannot do well tomorrow *kikiki.. xD*

Law of Attraction
If I think positively,
Positive things will come to me <3

Good luck, me~
XOXO <---------idk what's xoxo actually 8D

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