Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Was rushing to finish up L. Dev assignment in the midnight and then received an SMS from monitor, that we would be having ujian daya ketahanan kardiovaskular next morning and some stuffs... So I doze off to bed :) Whee~~ *abandon assignment xDD *

So next morning...
I folded my track bottoms and lol camwhored

I did not know that the bruises are so big until I took photos

This photo credit goes to McJust

So...for today.. We were told that we need to run 3km, which is equivalent to almost 3 laps around the friggin wide field. We were like @A@ ... In order to get full mark, I need to complete the race in 12 minutes. I am sure it is impossible because it took me 11 mins 38 secs to finish 2.4km... And now I need to run for 3km? No.... I cannot do it...

But I did try my best...
One of the fastest female to finish first lap.... My time taken was 3 minutes and 33 seconds <3 I used to take at least 5 minutes =3

I started to get tired.. I walked for short moment several times and wasted at least 10 seconds because of my shoe lace =3= And it was 9 minutes 42 seconds when I pass the pit point

3km ; Final
Before this I tied my shoe lace. But this time, my phone dropped and I wasted few seconds to pick it up back.. Then I told myself not to stop until the finishing line. My PJA lecturer, Mr Hajimolkan was at the final point and cheered me to continue to run. I gave all my best....and overtook Syazwan who was ahead of me.. And I got 15 minutes and 55 seconds

With that, I scored 6 marks.. How I wish I have enough stamina..then I can keep my speed constant and complete the race in 10 minutes.... but overall, I broke my own 2.4km record. I am still happy that I got 6 marks.. I was one of the top 10s and top females... Feels good >3

Taken after running

After cooling down

OTL ignore the pimple on my forehead please

In the afternoon, I went out for material hunting with Mami Umai as promised. So we went to buy cloth and ribbon, and send RTZ costume for name sewing.
Thanks for the ride~

My legs muscles are in pain too....sigh...


daruma said...

ouch. that looks painful o_o

vivian said...

yes, it does ; w ; sobz