Tuesday, 2 March 2010



My alarm did not ring me up this morning @A@ When I woke up, it was already 7.57am. I was like "huh?? Serious?!!" Then I immediately grabbed my pail which contains toiletries stuffs and also shampoos. I hurried to get myself ready. Luckily the first period is GERKO, and I know Mr Zul is flexible and he will not scold, so...in the mean time while I was getting myself ready, I told myself not to be so rush @@

Today we were all in the gym, and I was told that we would be having ujian kecergasan for the whole day. So...okay..
The first test test us on how fast we are from a point (let's say A) and to another point (B). At Point B, there are 2 wood blocks, and from point A, we need to run to Point B and take one wood block and put at Point A, with condition of a leg must pass a line at point B. Then, run back to Point B again to take the other wood block and back to Point A. And *click* time set.
We were given two time to do. First was just trial, and second was the real one. Seemed like my speed is constant, I got the same time for both. I fell down half way during my first trial, no injuries : D Then I re-do again >3

For second test, we need to do kind of like test our...*i dont know =w=*. We need to lie on the blanket thingy with our knees bend and when whistle blows, we must make sure our palm can reach our knees. Next would be our elbow, and then cross arms across our chest and get up close to thighs when whistle blows. Once we fail to do so, we are not allowed to do anymore. Then fourth, is holding our elbows behind our head and the last step was holding back of our chests *dont know how to describe lah >_>"* Each step represents a mark.

Third test is my favourite, which tests on our flexibility. Why is it my favourite? Because I am the most flexible person lol xDDD *perasan a bit* Yes, I scored full mark for this and same goes to the previous test.

Fourth test is bangkit tubi. This one...I fcuking not satisfied because the lecturer was like "Badan kena lurus.....lurus......jangan bengkok.....lurus.....bontottt jangan angkat tinggi..." ftw.....oi, I ada lemak kat perut and my bonttot banyak isi, cannot izit. Cabai....freaking cilaka lor......Then I went to another side which seniors conduct. Well, of course the seniors are nice to us and not so snobbish la... And ya, the lecturer wears mekap tebal. Pipi merah...macam bonttottt monyett! *LOL so bad...* I managed to pump up 20-29 for both =3= and it makes 4 marks only...the full mark is 5, and have to do 30. Cabai si mekap tebal kacau me with teh lurus lurus lurus lurus lurus freaking thingy..

Final test for today is lompat jauh berdiri. For this, we have to jump from starting point to another point with both legs, and the distant we jumped will be measured. We had a shockku of our life because female must at least jump 160cm ahead to score 1 point. We mostly can jump up to 150cm only =( I was like "board markah ni palsu punya la.. *scratch scratch*" lol.... This is what I found about lompat jauh berdiri

photo credit to google : D

We were given 3 times to do. First and second were trials. There was actually no third time but maybe because of me, the lecturer in charged gave us third chance. During my second trial, I fell down, real hard. Then the lecturer told me to rest first. Ouch..walked like I broke my leg >_>" Kind of have bruises on both knees. After the second round, I went for mine.. Then third time also...


I took photo of my knee

And after my class at 4


Mom's gonna send me oinment tomorrow <3
What's wrong with my knees....

Today's material hunting with Mami Umaimah was canceled because she was busy..and my body was kind of pain too...we'll make it tomorrow >3


Keiichi Niwa said...

I only satisfied with my own Run from A to B resulty. It was 14.3 seconds, beating most of my batch mates. ^^

But, I'm not satisfied at all with the flexibility one. I got less than -3 cm (negative = not flexible at all). =="

What relieves me is, on the whole test, I didn't get any bruise or cut at all. ^^

vivian said...

i got 13.69 seconds xP
haha xD