Friday, 26 March 2010

Hyuuga Hinata

Presenting the guest of the day....
Hyuuga Hinata of Naruto
*Hinata's first appearance in Naruto Shippuden*

Well.. Hinata is in my cosplay plan list since last year and I had gotten her Shippuden and Shippu costumes exactly a week ago in Malacca. People cosplay a character because (s)he likes/loves him/her.

Hmm...for me, I like Hyuuga Hinata despite her attitude. should I explain this.. Hinata urmm....*scratch head* she is brave. Yet she is shy. Uh....*long pause* Well, I like her habit too xD hiding behind a tree and peep Naruto from far xD and always her index fingers will meet when she talks to Naruto xP *I used to do that on purpose when I talk to Ayumi * I like her cute straight bang too xDD

Awww~Look at her expression~ xD

But dont underestimate her >D

She is my sugar <3

My chibi chibi * w *

One of my favourite wallpapers <3

Oh ya...I'm a big NaruHina fan >8D This was when Hinata confessed to Naruto
*look at Naruto's shocked facial expression*

And I got so happy when I found this


ps: but those are fanart...BUT THEY ARE AWESOME!
Additional information: I tend to get angry when I see nice NaruSaku

Look at this cosplayer... It looks nice

Well despite all my happiness talking about Hinata here, the irony behind this is actually..
I came to know that my Hinata wig will not arrive before my Naruto Shippu! Konoha Gakuen-den! photoshoot : (
I feel so terrible and so so so terribly sad.

At first, I worried because lens sellers that I am familiar with did not they could not answer me if I can get my lens before photoshoot on 10th April 2010.

PS: not the lens above..
I asked for White Plano....
And I will look like this:

But I dont really want tho'....because it looks scary... But I prefer to be seen as scary than be "blind". Im no longer worry about getting the lens because I found someone who wants to sell away her brand new white plano.

So..yea.....I cannot join the photoshoot anymore.
*super duper uber sad* favourite since few years ago
so cute, nee...?

Mmmm....I gotta apologize my Naruto friend for not being able to turn up for the photoshoot anymore....

I like her in Shippuden...tall and pretty...and she has bigger boobz than mine xD

I want my wig T^T sobz...
..........the last picture reminds me so much of wig =w=

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Intan said...

I like her too. I'm in a better position than you, cause I look like her - I have similar hair and don't need a wig. I have a similar body to her(but she has bigger boobs than me too xD). I can cosplay her in everytime. I'm also shy as she and I like how she's changing in Shippuuden. ^-^ She is one of my fav characters; someone once asked me whether I identify with her​​. :3
Greetings from Poland! x3