Saturday, 13 March 2010


My parcel arrived on Thursday >D I went to collect it after exam.. Uh...when I posted about Thursday, I had not opened it yet. So here it is

A tote bag <3

I went for jog too in the same evening, I picked up a "thing" (I dont know what it's called ><) that reproduces via wind.

Yea, we learned it in primary school.. But this is big, isn't?

While on Friday, monitor told us to gather at assembly ground at 7.15am sharp (via SMS on Thursday night). So I had to wake up early =3= And I went..I was the first to arrive. Another 4 more arrived later. But seemed like we're being FFK-ed. 2 more arrive almost the 11th hour. Oh ya, we took charge of the assembly on this particular Friday. I tell you. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE FFK. OI. YOU ALL WANNA WAKE UP LATE BECAUSE EXAMS HAD JUST GONE, THEN THE 7 OF US DONT WANT IS IT?

Oh, the assembly was just like..20 minutes. xD then after that, Puppa' Su took attendance of every class ( usual == especially when it's a day before holiday). After that, I went to return book in the library. I was fined RM4.80 because the due date was supposed to be last month during CNY >_>" The person before me was RM10 like that...2 books o_____o

Next, went to class. Watched Santau with few classmates by using Rynna's lappie. The volume was to the max but it was still so soft. So I went nearer to the lappie aka screen. Ezzah did the same too. Most cilaka thing happened was, an old fcuking biatch ghost appeared. I screamt for my life. It was so close, I'm telling you! C-L-O-S-E-!!! AAAAAAAAAA \@A@/ Ezzah screamt too xD Only both of us paid attention watching it.

However, the movie stucked half way. So we decided not to watch it already. And I actually got freaked out. I sms-ed mom. But I ran out of credit. So I sos top up and redeem my top up points for credits too. I SHALL CONTACT MY MOTHER NO MATTER WHAT *SCREAM OUT OF FEAR* Then bingo. I phoned mom. I told her no more class today, it was 10am something. I asked her if she could pick me up in the afternoon when she's free. She said she will be free in the evening but have to pick up my brother first. So I was okay with that. NO MATTER WHAT, I DO NOT WANT TO STAY OVER NIGHT AAAAAAA \@A@/

I washed clothes in the noon and they dried by evening. Mom arrived at about uh....7.15pm? Yay~~~~ Went for dinner at Bercham together~<3

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