Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beginning of a weekend

Class replacement for Chinese New Year.
But we had outdoor activites. First, we had aerobic session. It was stupid. And did not take any photos. Then we had sports meeting.
But I took a scenery photo, somewhat like Soul Hunter background

Then we had gotong royong. So-called lake with a dragon..lolz

Gotong royong briefing

Then gotong royong started...
We had to pass the chairs from one end to the other... All lined up~ be frank, yup, I did not pass the chair.. *point picture above* I was taking pictures xD

Then camwhore time xD

oh..teh middle fingah posse xD

Group photo 1

Class photo.. 2 people went missing

Imma gonna kickku

And until then..I noticed that my Mogi Ice Cream stickku phone strap ish gone ; n ;
I hung on my phone on Thursday, and camwhored with it on Friday, and gone on teh next day

Found a cat sleeping on a box on top of rubbish bin

*walking silently*

l D

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