Friday, 5 February 2010


This morning during assembly...

Someone: *blablabla* Elaun PISMP akan dicapai mulai hari ini
Students: *uproar and noisy*
Someone: Manakala elaun PPISMP....akan dimasukkan mulai minggu depan
Vivian and others: =A=
Someone: Saya baru sahaja menguruskan surat aplikasi pada hari Khamis, iaitu semalam.. Maka elaun dijangka akan dimasukkan pada Khamis depan, ya..
Vivian: *middle finger pose*

Seriously I went "WTF"..... I scolded bad words too >D damn it...fcuk weh.. Newbiez kena dilambat masuk yeeeee..bengong

LOL.... >3
By the end of assembly, we were told that..actually....allowence had been banked in too.. Just that February allowence have not only...
Oh, kind of good new pulak..

After class, myself, Alia, Ezzah and Wana went for blood donation.
Alia is not eligible because she is underweight.
Me too...because I am having sore throat and I had my ears pierced within one year.
So Ezzah and Wana went donated.

Awww....I wanna donate, but I cannot =(


Keiichi Niwa said...

We went shopping today, our allowance has come out, and... for newbies, they got it too! xD

Umm ~ What did I buy just now, eh...?

(tries to intimidate... xD)

A brand new Sony Walkman...

Chibi Sets of Gundam SEED Destiny figurine...

Logitech Speaker....

Canon Pixma Printer...

(Keeps intimidating... xDDD)

New laptop skin...

Lots and lots of food...

(Reached the peak yet? xD)

Oooo ~ Can't stand the smell of cash...

RM500 in my hand.... ~

Ahh.... ~

Just be patient,... you'll get it soon =)

If we can wait for one month to get the allowance, why not you? ^_^

vivian said...

*not tempted xD*

fulamak...gundam figurine? seriously?? cool~~! XD

Keiichi Niwa said...

Not the gunpla, but the characters. (Athrun Zala) ^_^

vivian said...

oh, athrun zala.....haha, i prefer kira yamato xDDD