Friday, 5 February 2010

Class Tale~

Today everyone was in Power Ranger mode >D
*no power ranger pictures are available at the moment. Please view them at my facebook profile*

And then... Arief and Izz were wrestling

But in the end, Izz was raped xD

And for today's PJA, our lecturer set time for our 2.4km running.
For the first half of the field (1.2km), I took 5 minutes and 36 seconds to complete it.
While for whole field, it took me 11 minutes and 36 seconds.
And I was the 6th fastest person who finished the field.
Pretty impressive nee? Even lecturer was proud of me (from his face la.. >u<)

Well, next week I will try to be the top 5


Keiichi Niwa said...

Impressive! Want to know my record?

18 minutes and 57 seconds (2.4km) =="

vivian said...

donw worry~ try hard >D you can do it!