Sunday, 21 February 2010

New Jogging Shoes~

Mom fetched me to buy sports shoes.
Size 6 fits me well, but there were only dark blue and purple left. Dark blue was better than purple but the dark blue doesnt suit me =S then I looked around and the boss found another size 6 shoes. It is pink, and another one was light blue. So I picked pink, and noticed that the pink was more expensive than dark blue by RM50. Dark blue was RM219, pink was RM 269.
I bargained RM235 for pink. The boss gave me RM240. Well, okay then. I asked for free socks (lol at myself xD) and the boss really gave me. I was only joking tho'.... .___.

I drove home~
And after that, I started to continue my research and stuffs =3=
Have enough break for these few days...
I want more holidays

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