Sunday, 21 February 2010

Crazy Samaritan

I met with an insane man this morning when I went to jog with mom this morning. I did not know he was insane. I saw him standing behind a pillar behind stadium seats. I did not bother him and I continued to jog, leaving my mom behind because I jogged faster. At my second time when I jogged pass the same place, he was not there already. When I met with mom at the 5th round, mom told me that there was a guy standing behind pillar, and if any female pass by, he would pull out his penis.
And I done "WTF?"
Mom said a lady told her before she jog pass the pillar area.
So when mom pass by, guess what. Mom said

"APA LU BUAT KAT SANA?!! MAU MAIN MAIN AH? KASI GUNTING BARU TAU!! *pretend want to throw shoes*"

And then that man ran away.

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