Monday, 15 February 2010


O good day
It's Chinese New Year!
And Saint Valentines day!
Once again they are all here!
Let's go and celebrate~

I wore my new hawt pink PDI tops and Half Jeans... xD and I put some make up, which my mom said I look like ghost 0A0
First destination was my 2nd Uncle's house.. >D

I do look like ghost? ; w ;

Received quite a lot of red packets >D ngeehehehe <3
While at night, more relatives arrived
O yea
I wore in....t-shirt and short pants xD

Yes, and it was black xD

*shoot me*


There were quite a lot of fireworks, quite constantly. Like, after 5 minutes, fireworks would be lighted up and brightened the night sky.
Those night lights were pretty <3

But there was one shot that I do not understand

It seemed like there was a barrier at the centre, causing the sparks to appear really weird. The sparks were not coherent at all. This really weird.
....*look up to sky* Cool story bro...


rOse thiRa said...

happy chinese new yr vivian ! :)

vivian said...

thank you rose =D