Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lou Yee Sang

Oh yeah~ this morning, Mom woke me up at 9.20am. After I had got myself ready, Mom fetched me out to trim my hair (yay~~). When it was my turn to be trimmed, Mr Zul phoned me and asked if I left my keys in his car. Yes, I thought I dropped it somewhere, or maybe I left it in my hostel room. But as I remember, I put the keys in my pocket and then it's gone. If the keys are really gone, I am gonna be so dead, because I will not have keys to unlock my cupboards in my hostel. Luckily I dropped it in Mr Zul's car. After I trimmed my hair, I went to get my keys from him nearby the saloon I went.

Final picture before I trim :)

After I trimmed..not much different?


And in the evening, we had reunion dinner in N Bandar Restaurant <3
I took this when we were on our way there

And this one was when we were waiting for others to come

Our first served dish was Yee Sang. Yes.........*long pause* I dont know what it is in English tho'..

Pour the "I-dont-know-what-it-is" ingredient into Yee Sang

Mix it~ the longer the better, the higher you lift the better~

Oh yes....we had Shark's fins soup~!!

I love shark's fins soup~ <3


.aten.gani. said...

happy cny vivian!

vivian said...

thank you aten =D said...

NEW haircut ya vivian~ hepy chinese new year~ =D

vivian said...

yup =D i just trimmed shorter xP thanks for wishing~~~