Friday, February 12, 2010

Freaky Friday~~~~

This morning during assembly, I delivered speech about the history of the 12 zodiac animals =3 It went (quite) well (I think), except for my throat was drying and my voice ish horrible.
This was taken silently during assembly

Today's class was just okay..neutral about it. I packed my belongings after I had taken my bath. It took me about..almost 2 hours?

Mr Zul came to pick me up at 4.50pm. I was a bit late because he told me he would come at 5pm-5.15pm. But it's okay =3
I guess I was too tired, then I fell asleep while going back.

I arrived safely at about 6.30pm. Mom was waiting for me then =3 and gave Mr Zul a box of mandarin oranges <3 After putting my luggage in my room, I went to bath. And then, we went out for dinner. We planned to eat at P&S Restaurant, but it seemed like the road's having seriosu traffic jam. So we went to Lana tea House instead. The foods were...*no comment = /*. I dont like to eat there.

I was really full. It felt like I had not been this full for such long time xD Then we went to town to do some shopping =3 Mom bought me a white blouse (for maktab usage) and also a new pair of jeans =D but y'see, I dont have a new CNY tops >3

I hope I can buy a dress tomorrow, and I would like to trim my hair >3 I hope the shops are open tomorrow = / I wanna go spend money >_>" and trim my hair


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