Friday, 12 February 2010


I received my name tag yesterday, but I only camwhored with it today


And another camwhore

While in the afternoon, we had PJA. Yup, which means that we need to run 2.4km field. I am pretty satisfied with my own achievement.
Last week, I took 11 minutes and 36 seconds to complete the "race" with 6th placing, but this week, I managed to get 3rd place with 11 minutes with 08 seconds =D I am happy with myself =3 Even the lecturer look amazed too =3 haha, so I took a shot of mine after the race

okay...I know I look dumb =w=

And someone found a..paddock =3 not a frog, not a toad, but a paddock. Yes, paddock.

After the 2.4km running, we had sort of like a circuit training, to build our muscles and develop stamina as well as...*forgot what muscle stuffs xD*. Seriously, it was really torturing, and felt as if my knees are going to be torn into 2 ; ___ ;

So, after PJA, we had netball match, as a continuation from Tuesday.
Look again, Anis shot into the goal~

This one was taken during the match

Until the match was over, my class, J8, was announced the 3rd aka 2nd runner up winner >D whee~~~
Let's have words of prayer

Be glad. Yes, we are very glad to be announced as the third =3

Group photo with refrees

Another class photo =3

And the final class photo

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