Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Playing Petanque~

My alarm did not ring me up this morning Q______Q I woke up at 7.11am, but I managed to get myself ready for first period(and second too), GERKO. I bumped with Anis on my way to gymnasium. Sadly, she was in wrong attire. I mean...we should be wearing white shirt, but she wore maroon. Well, never mind. Pretend as if she does not have white xDDD

So..we had petanque for GERKO. Pronounced at "pay-tang". Originated from French by the spelling "Paytonk".
Shots taken during briefing by Mr. Zul

This one taken when waiting for my turn to play

And yea..this one : D

What's on my mind today?

Not the cubs, but..
The Kiss 8)



Keiichi Niwa said...

We played petanque too last sem.

Our trio won 3rd place out of 40 trios. ^_^

vivian said...

wow~ 8) third place huh? wonderful~ xD last time, my coursemates used to pronounce it as pay-tang-Q

mcjust.lol said...

vivian~ wanna kiss? haha! XD

Keiichi Niwa said...

Haha.. should be pronounced as "pay-tang", with no Q sound.

We were targeted as talented petanque players and may be called by our lecturers to assist our juniors (They'll took it this year, same batch as yours). n_n

But, this year, we will have PJ - again. Last time was in Pra Sem 2. ^_^

vivian said...

mcJust>> you dont wanna kiss me pun.. xD

kei-chan>> petanque is a nice game xD next week we're gonna have a small competition among my class xD gonna compete and see who's the winner xP ada hadiah wo xDD but i tak terror..

Keiichi Niwa said...

I tak terror to lo...

But I still have and keep the 3rd place cup at my home. ^_^

Just try, and you'll see it. ^^

vivian said...

i'll try tomorrow >D haha~