Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bored In Class

Today...kinda lazy to describe what happened.... Many things happened.......

I finished my butterscotch bread. So I will not have breakfast tomorrow.... I wanted to eat my Chipsmore cookies...but I wanna keep it until Saturday only eat ><"


Oh ya....Mr Ahmad Suhaimi has been training our listening skills. Sorta like MUET... We have to listen to a Sherlock Holmes story..I forgot the title tho'....but it is no interesting..And I could not concentrate. Coursemate Wana, who was sitting next to me said that this is the first time I am being lazy. Quite true...this is the first time I cannot concentrate 100%.
Later after that, Coursemate Wana joined my "Cannot Concentrate Club" aka Tripple C. She drew something outta boredom.


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