Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Outing and Class Story~

Last evening, Anis and Arief, Ting and I went out for movie. Ting and I watched Bodyguards and Assassins while Anis and Arief..they wanted to watch Avatar...but all the seat were fully bought. So they went to watch Alvin and Chipmunks instead. Bodyguards and Assassins was was based on true story : )

And I had my dinner at Sushi King yesterday * Sushi Zanmai..* I ate Kodomo Bento
The LOL Box

Green Tea

Kodomo Bento

*pika pika eyes on Yakult*

Well today, we were informed that we are no longer staying in Lecture Room 18, because we will have to migrate to Room 2-3 at..*i dont know the new name of the building*. Howewver, we were told that there are only chairs in the classroom...Nothing else...No whiteboard, no LCD+screen...nothing... But now I can wake up 20 minutes later than current's wakey wakey time..

And we had our election for monitor etc today. Kinda upset with a coursemate.. I wanted to post a status kind of about it..But it contained too many characters in it.. So I could not...
What happened was...there was this girl..,a friend of mine..Lets say A. She was suggested to be monitor by our previous monitor(a guy). So, A's boyfriend, lets say B...., he got jealous...
I do not know how to say..but...*sigh...*

"wth..who do you think your girlfriend is?!! you can talk to girls but she cannot to talk guys??!! you can see other girls but she cannot see guys?!! hey, c'mon la....she's not your puppet...for what you wanna jealous? guys are everywhere, even our class too. if you dont like it, might as well you blind fold her or something. i mean..tch....this is just too ridiculous. every single time you got jealous, that's when both of you quarrel. if you are not sick of this yet, well, i tell you. as a friend of her, i am getting boring seeing both of you like this. other coursemate(s) know about this too. we just want both of you having good relationship!! cut the crap off! PLEASE TREAT HER NICELY. gentle reminder: i repeat, SHE IS NOT YOUR PUPPET."

That was what I wanted to post at my Facebook....

take care of yourselves~ *pray:no class during weekend*

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