Monday, January 4, 2010

PPISMP Sem2 Day 1~

It had been raining since yesterday evening. was so cold in the morning. So cold that I caught flu T^T Not only that, but now I had cough too.....*sigh..* Kind of like fever too....
Anyway...supposed this morning would be our first assembly, but it rained. So respective units were grouped into few..groups =w= TESL-ians were being put into gymnasium =w=

First J8 camwhore of the year!!!!

*no guys tho'.... xP*

And my first camwhore xP

Wana was disturbing me. But she seemed to have magic 8 )

Today is a tiring day....I really do think that I have fever now. So....ciao~ keep up with me tomorrow~

[edit at night]
received some photos of Vocaloid-RTZ photos from Razrigz-san.
Back to Back

My back 8 D

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